ATHF Vol 3


Packaging DesignEdit

The DVD comes in an outer cardboard box. The front of the box has the "chainsaws" Aqua Teen logo and features the Mooninites.
The back of the box lists all the episodes at the top and all the special features at the bottom, and has artwork of the Aqua Teens on the right side.
On the folder that holds the DVDs, on the outside is a painting done by R. Land. Inside there is a list of all the DVD tracks and clay art of the Aqua Teens. On each DVD is scribbled artwork of the Aqua Teens. Behind each DVD is text from an article called "A Heavily Researched Look Behind the Scenes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force".



Disc 1Edit

1. Frat Aliens 2. Total Recarl 3. Kidney Car 4. Revenge of the Trees 5. The Cloning 6. Broodwich 7. The Dressing 8. The 9. The Cubing

Disc 2Edit

10. The Last One 11. The Clowning 12. Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary 13. The Shaving

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Commentary on: The Last One, The Clowning, Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary, and The Shaving.
  • Deleted scenes: Broodwich, Dr. Weird Ice Cream Social, and Dr Weird Clowning Ending
  • Making of The Cloning
  • Spirit Formation Journey Anniversary Music Videos: Atlanta, New York, Now You Try.
  • Schooly D Music/Art Gallery
  • Script Pages: Spirit Formation Journey Anniversary Script, Last One Script, Frat Aliens Script, The Dressing Script.
  • Answering Machine Messages
  • Promo Spots (11)

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