Jefferton City Council (1,2,3)

Jefferton City Council (AKA City Councilmen 1, 2, and 3) are main characters in Tom Goes to the Mayor.


City Council first appeared in the episode Bear Traps and is a feature of most episodes throughout the series.


Not much is known about City Council at all, not even their names.

Personality and TraitsEdit

City Council can be distinguished by their personalities:

  • City Councilman #1 (played by Ron Lynch) sits on the far left, and does most of the talking. He often asks questions when Tom or The Mayor present an idea to them.
  • City Councilman #2 (played by Craig Anton) sits in the middle and also talks quite a bit, but not as much as CC1.
  • City Councilman #3 (played by Fred Tatasciore) sits on the far right and speaks very rarely, often in short exclamations. He actually spends most of his time sleeping!

As a group, City Council provides a sense of reason in the otherwise chaotic or nonsensical world in Jefferton. They will question when there's a strange idea, or ask for solutions to a problem. They are a leadership figure, but they are still under the control of The Mayor and his whims.
They hold their meetings and public hearings on Thursdays at Gulliver's Buffet... likely because it is "City Council Thursdays" where City Councilmen can get food at a discounted price!
They are often in control of various Sub-committees in Jefferton, such as ().


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