Joy's Ex (AKA Joy's Ex Saul) is the 30th episode and series finale of Tom Goes to the Mayor and the season finale of Season 2.

Guest star: Todd Barry




It's Saint Patriot's Day in Jefferton. Joy's ex-husband Saul, a painter, is visiting. The Mayor invites Tom to his apartment for a St. Patriot's Day celebration, and Saul tags along.

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  • The script for the episode was written originally for season 1, but it wouldn't work at that time so the episode Calcucorn split off from it.
  • The Cock-O-Block product commercial is inspired by 80s and 90s toys like the Crossfire game.
  • Cock-O-Block was originally "Chock-o-Block", a Jenga-type building blocks game, but due to a typo in the script, it morphed into Cock-O-Block and the entire concept changed.

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