My Big Cups is the 14th episode of Tom Goes to the Mayor and the premiere episode of Season 2.

Guest stars: Sir Mix-A-Lot & Dustin Diamond.




It's Jefferton's 30th Anniversary Celebration. Tom has opened a store in the Mall to sell his product, My Big Cups. The Mayor is seeking artists to make art for the town's anniversary.

In Adult Swim VideoEdit

He loves big cups and the mayor loves the straws.






  • In the episode commentary, Tim & Eric indicate that they originally considered Flavor Flave or () but eventually found that Sir Mix-A-Lot was the best fit.
  • Because guest-star Sir Mix-A-Lot does not use air travel, Tim, Eric, and a small crew travelled up to Seattle, Washington to film/photograph his segments.
  • There was originally a sub-plot of Mr. Quelch being competition to Tom's business (one background even hints to this), but it was cut due to time constraints.

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