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Puddins is the 29th episode of Tom Goes to the Mayor and the 16th episode of Season 2.

Guest star: Paul Reubens.

Spoiler Warning!!! This article contains critical plot spoilers. If you have not seen the episode yet, read at your own risk.




There is a tragic accident on Brindan's birthday. The thing Brindan wanted most was to have dessert at Puddins restaurant, so to honor his memory, Tom goes on a pudding fast.

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  • There was originally a secondary plot where Tom was protesting at Gulliver's Buffet about over-eating, but it was cut down into a montage due to time constraints.
  • This episode reveals what The Mayor's family and home is like.
  • This episode was a candidate to be the end of the season (and series), but it was changed.

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