Spray a Carpet or Rug is the 20th episode of Tom Goes to the Mayor and the seventh episode of Season 2.

Guest stars: Judd Hirsch & Bob Odenkirk.

Potential Spoiler Warning!!! if you have not seen this episode, the article may contain critical plot spoilers! Continue reading at your own risk.




The Mayor is feuding with the town Lawnmower Man, so he has Tom use the Spray-a-Carpet product to carpet Jefferton Memorial Park. This leads to a chemical disaster and lands Tom in jail.

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This episode inspired a lot of discussion on the messageboards due to the nature of its ending. It made many fans question if there was something more to the town of Jefferton or more to the character of The Mayor. Was the show an allegory to Hell or Purgatory (Jefferton) and The Mayor was some sort of devil/evil character?


  • The original title for the episode was Murder-suicide

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