Packaging DesignEdit

The front cover of the DVD features a brightly-colored image of Tim & Eric's heads sewed together. The back cover lists the various features of the DVD, and features another brightly colored image, this time of Tim & Eric's headless bodies sewed together, with tiny images of Tim & Eric in the hands (it even appears to be Tom and The Mayor from the live segment in Pepperoni).



Special FeaturesEdit

  • Blooper Reel
  • Deleted Scenes
    • Eric's Poop Tube Apology
    • Tim's Sad Raz Song
    • Hit the Showers
    • Madissa
    • Yep Yep Nope
    • Kids Break Wipe My Butt (Preppy)
    • Mayor's Office Part One
    • Mayor's Office Part Two
    • Gibbons and Friendy
    • Mouth
  • Extended Scenes
    • Spagett!
    • Snuggler
    • Dolls: Play
    • Dolls: Song
    • Beaver Boys Hospital (Alternate Patton Version)
    • Stark on Stark
    • Chunky Lady Office
    • Chunky Lady Conference Room
    • Chunky Lady Music Video
    • Bread Heads
    • Dunn Behind the Scenes
  • Promos
    • Chippy
    • Kids Break
    • Dunnhart Heads
    • David LiebeHart
    • Pep-Pep
    • Snuggler Promo 1
    • Snuggler Promo 2
  • Kakaoke Videos
    • Raz
    • Petite Feet
    • Sit On You
    • No Sunsets
  • Kaz Kiss
  • Edgar Allen Poe IV
  • Awesomecon 2008
  • Tim & Eric Awesome Tour 2008 (and Tim & Eric Not Live)

Easter EggsEdit


  • Tim and Eric promoted the DVD by appearing on G4's Attack of the Show program with multiple copies of the DVDs taped to their body.

External LinksEdit

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